PGP Guide

"Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP) is a form of encryption that allows information and messages to be secured in such a way that only the intended recipient can open them. The concept is not difficult, and a more thorough guide will appear here shortly.
In short, each individual should have two keys:

One secret key that is never revealed to anyone,
One public key that can be used to encrypt message intended for you.

This is called a key pair, and there are various applications available that will enable you to generate a strong key pair.

My public PGP key can be downloaded from HERE. [Right-click > Save Link]
Always check the key fingerprint to ensure it has downloaded correctly.
PGP Fingerprint: CCC8 B931 D71F 5120 F765 B85C 8DEC F0B1 BB28 2782

Although PGP communication is preferred, you are welcome to email me using unsecured plain-text emails at