If you're looking to make contact in a secure manner, start reading from the PGP Guide below. However, if you're happy with postcards and stuff that anyone can read, you're welcome to contact me through any of these services:

Play chess with me on or
I've also been known to stream piano music on, but don't count on it!
Recently signed up to Mastodon, so let's see what that's like!

PGP contact is preferred, purely because whatever you have to say is nobody's business but ours.

PGP Guide

"Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP) is a form of encryption that allows information and messages to be secured in such a way that only the intended recipient can open them. The concept is not difficult, and a more thorough guide will appear here shortly.
In short, each individual should have two keys:

One secret key that is never revealed to anyone,
One public key that can be used to encrypt message intended for you.

This is called a key pair, and there are various applications available that will enable you to generate a strong key pair.

My public PGP key can be downloaded from HERE. [Right-click > Save Link]
Always check the key fingerprint to ensure it has downloaded correctly.
PGP Fingerprint: CCC8 B931 D71F 5120 F765 B85C 8DEC F0B1 BB28 2782

This can be verified independently at the global PGP directory HERE.

Although PGP communication is preferred, you are welcome to email me using unsecured plain-text emails at